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'My wife and I attended the spoon carving course with Sharif in June 2013.


Beautiful location and just to be sat in the woodland amongst the trees and wildlife for a whole day was a joy. We didn't want to leave!


Sharif is very patient and we all progressed at a good pace making a spoon to take home along with the skills to use for the future. We had a mix of complete beginners through to more experienced people.


His own work is superb and very inspiring. He also has spoons by many makers from around the world and can tell a story about each one. He is a natural teacher and thoroughly interesting chap to spend some time with.


As an amateur cabinet maker, it was a real learning experience to work with the wood rather than against it. Letting the wood dictate the shape and form rather than forcing it to conform to my preconceived ideas.


We had a really great time and wouldn't hesitate to recommended it to anyone, no matter what your skill level.' -

Paul and Claire Mills - 5th August 2013


'I attended a spoon carving course held by Sharif in October 2012 and I am now totally addicted!


Sharif is a natural teacher, very patient and clear in his instruction. He's very knowledgeable about the subject of green wood carving and you can't help but be infected by his enthusiasm. Just looking at the spoons and bowls he his produced will inspire you to give it a go.


The day was paced to suit everyone in the group with regular breaks to explain techniques and safety precautions - the tools are of course very sharp - before we set about each stage in the carving process.


Everyone had a great day - and we all came a away with our first hand-carved spoon.


Not long after the course I bought my own axe and knives, so keen was I to practice what I had learned that day. I've carved many spoons since then and I look forward to carving many more. Maybe one day I might be able to carve as well as Sharif!' -

Edwin Mitchell-Finch - 17th June 2013


'Last year I learnt to carve spoons with Sharif Adams and even though I was a complete beginner, his clear instructions made me feel able to use the carving tools with confidence.


Sharif's teaching really has opened up a new interest in my life. I went on to carve in my own time, even on Christmas day! I've made a spoon for a friend from a branch in her garden and my sister had an apple-wood spoon for her birthday.


Sharif's gentle enthusiasm for his craft has enabled me to get to know different woods and how they look, feel and carve.


I think everyone should carve at least one spoon in their lives...and Sharif is the man to help you do it!'

Annie Gill -  24th June 2013


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