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Hook Tool for Pole Lathe Bowl Turning


Hook Tool for Pole Lathe Bowl Turning
***Please note I will not be making any hook tools in April. You will be able to place any hook tool orders on the 1st of May.***

When placing your order please select right or left handed tools.

A standard set comprised of one tip-up tool and one tip-down tool is sufficient for turning bowls and plates. The tip-up tool is used with the curled tip of the tool ‘up towards the sky’ and the tip-down hook is used with the curled tip ‘down towards the ground’. The tip-up hook is used for most of the process, the tip-down hook is used primarily for undercutting the core and for creating a stub on the base of the bowl where the bowl blank spins around the metal centre, as well as shaping the foot at the base of the bowl. It is possible to use just one hook to turn a bowl but together these two make the process simpler.

Hook tools are made with either 01 or EN47 depending on what is available through my suppliers. Both are perfect steels for hook tools.

Locking Lidded Box Set ~ This set of three tools is for turning locking lidded boxes. You will also want at least a standard tip-up hook, or a set of tip-up and tip-down hooks to turn a locking lidded box.