Wooden Way

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Hi and welcome.  I handcraft simple wooden spoons, bowls and pots for everyday use using age-old traditional tools and techniques. I sell my wooden ware at artisan crafts markets and I teach to small groups or on a one to one basis. I also work on a commission basis so there's always plenty to do.


My interest in working with wood started in 1998 when I studied violin making at London Guildhall University for three years. I later went on to work with an antique furniture restorer near High Wycombe. While I learned a lot from both these experiences, it was not until I discovered the joy and creative freedom of working with green wood that a little voice in my head quietly said, ‘this is it!’.


The bowls I sell are turned on a treadle lathe/pole lathe; an archaic machine, simple to make and maintain, using human energy to keep the work piece revolving. In the middle of winter the best way to keep warm outside is to turn a few bowls.  It's nice to work with no need for electricity or petrol.  I cut all of the wood for my bowls and spoons with either a chainsaw, bow saws or large one man cross cut saws.  It's all good excercise and the birds can still be heard singing. The tools I use for bowl turning are hand forged on a very basic homemade forge.  I enjoy forging almost as much as I enjoy working with wood. Sometimes I carve bowls using the same tools I use for carving spoons; axes and knives, with the addition of a small adze for hollowing.  These are very different in form to the turned bowls and usually I will only make these for sale on request.


I do all my work in an old Devon barn, on beautiful Dartmoor where I live.

I love to cook good, simple, healthy meals and enjoy foraging for wild foods. I’m always well entertained; watching the wildlife in the woods is so much better than watching the TV. In the evenings I enjoy playing my battered acoustic guitar or the fiddle; the former less badly than the latter.  

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